Asset Insurance

Asset insurance underwriting
Asset insurance covers losses or damage of insured assets caused by accidents or unexpected events that are not listed on the excepted items on the contract.

Type of coverage
Asset insurance covers asset loss or damage from...

- fire, lighting
asset insurance
- explosions
- storms
- earthquakes
- floods, water damage
- aircraft
- forest fires
- smoke damage
- vehicle collision
- riot, strikes
- cruelty, malicious intent
- burglary with and other accidents
- others, which are not listed on the excepted items on contract

There are of course, events and incidents are exempted from the underwritten contract.

Wars and acts of terrorism.
Damage to electrical information for example over the internet.
Assets that can be covered by more specific insurance, such as vehicles, construction equipment, boilers, etc.
Assets that can not convert their value into cash, such as currencies, bank notes, stamps and other valuable belongings.
Any damage to property that comes about as a result of the insurance holders' actions.

Length of insurance
Normally 1 year. If insurance is required for less than 12 months, premiums can be calculated by using the short-term insurance premium table or the insured date if it is appropriate.
Insurance holders' responsibilities
According to the insurance contract, there is a set amount of money that insurance holders are required to pay for each accident.

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