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1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files of information, created from downloading that may be stored in your web browsers or other equipment connected to the Internet, these record data and set preferences for example, internet domain names and IP addresses from the point that you access websites, the date and time of accessing websites, addresses of other websites that link you to our website, the webpages that you use, as well as the contents on the webpages that you visit, and the times of your visits.
2. Categories of use

The categories of cookies used by the Company and details are as follows:

  1. Necessary cookies:
    The Company uses this category of cookies to allow you to access information and to use our website efficiently, and to assist in the exchange of information and communication between your web browser and server.
  2. Analytical and performance cookies:
    The Company uses this category of cookies to evaluate the performance by analyzing the website traffic and the number and characteristics of particular user groups. The information will be used in analyzing the pattern of user behaviors so that the Company will understand web browsing behaviors and will improve the website performance to be more efficient and appropriate.
  3. Functionality cookies:
    The Company uses this category of cookies to remember the options that you have selected or the preferences that you have set when using our website. In order to facilitate your use of our website, the information that has been recorded will be used again when you revisit our website and the options or preferences will be reflected so you are not required to choose or set any option or preference again, for example: your preferred language, 
  4. Advertising cookies:
    The Company may use cookies and information from cookies to analyze your interests or needs in insurance products and thus offer you appropriate products, services, and promotions.
  5. Other cookies:
    The Company uses other cookies from third parties who cooperate with the Company to enable them to analyze data, for example: website traffic, website user behavior, types of browsers and electronic devices, pixel file data or other data relating to your behavior (for example, your location). Cookies collect and process data of visitors to our website, their behavior, usage preferences, and interest in products. This category of cookies allows advertisements and marketing offers to be displayed and data relating to your interest in promotions to be analyzed.

In the case that cookies are used for various purposes which require consent as explained in this clause, for example: for offering products or services, the Company will use such cookies only after it has been given your consent. In this case, you can withdraw or cancel your consent for such purposes at all times.

Most web browsers are automatically set to accept cookies to ensure that the use of the website is facilitated, and that the contents are properly displayed. Cookies may be managed by adjusting values at web browsers at all times. However, setting certain cookie values may prevent our website from properly functioning and certain operating systems may not function in whole or in part, for example: information for log-in is displayed or information is readily available in product forms.      


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