TIP Inspiration Chamber

Innovation Co-Working Space

“The Inspiration Chamber” is “The Innovation Co-Working Space” located on the 22nd floor of Dhipaya Insurance Building, where is fully equipped with modern technology for “Startup” innovation and is opened to the public who want to work in a good-atmosphere area.

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I2 Chamber

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IS Chamber

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ICE Chamber

I2 Chamber

Incredible Ideation Room

The gimmick of this room that everyone will love is the beautiful view of the Chao Phraya River with a stunning scenery including forest of Bang Krachao and the beauty of different buildings in Bangkok. This room has a sensor door inspired by a SCI-Fi movie that can be opened by just raising your hand, and you do not have to touch anything at all. This room is decorated according to the concept of Incredible Ideation Room for the new generations to take time, work and express ideas in a new and fun atmosphere which can enhance incredible creativity to pop up.

IS Chamber

Intelligent & Smart

The first room we meet when walking into inside is the IS Chamber. An amazing modern feature of this room is the Interactive Display with a large screen with Projector Lane camera that can be used to conduct a meeting or VDO Conference, and there is also a screen for developers or applications to monitor the display on a Responsive Version result via several devices.
The method is very simple by just scanning a QRcode, and then you will be able to connect to the screen immediately.

ICE Chamber

I - Information / C - Communication / E - Education

Next to the IS Chamber, it is an ICE Chamber consisting of a conference hall for 50-60 people, equipped with a Projector Curve and Lift, which can be projected onto a curve-designed wall of the room with clear sound system.
In addition, on the right-hand side of this room has a private small corner divided into 4 rooms, where each room is equipped with a touch screen computer that contains E-books and various educational programs along with headphones, keyboard and wireless mouse for Dhipaya Insurance’s employees and the Startup to use and update their knowledge at any time.

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