Cancer Insurance

  • Insurance premium including duty
    starting at only

    1,697 baht / year

  • automatic continuous coverage
    until the age of 65

    with alternate family plans

  • reduce financial risks and offer
    the income compensation when the insured is sick

    without treatment limitation/
    natural / therapeutic / homeopathic treatments

coverage / conditions / application for insurance


Why do people need a cancer insurance policy?

Buying cancer insurance is another option that can reduce the financial risk in the event that the insured is suffering from cancer. The company will pay a sum of money to the insured as soon as the cancer is first detected. Thus, this sum of money can benefit the insured as follows:

  • Reduce medical expenses
  • It can be an income compensation while sick or recovering
  • It can be used as a treatment cost without the limitation of treatment methods such as natural therapy, homeopathic treatment and etc.
  • as a reserved fund for family in case of death

What are the advantages of Dhipaya’s Cancer insurance?

  • Automatic continuous protection until the age of 65
  • immediate policy approval without health check-up
  • Individual coverage or the coverage for family plan available for the insured to choose
  • For family plan coverage, the company will offer free coverage for children aged 1-22 years and the single, without limitation on the number of children.
  • add special skin cancer coverage by 20 percent in the case that the skin cancer is detected, and the coverage for cancer will be renewed normally.
  • Renewal premium payment for 30 days
  • Family plan premium is calculated based on the highest age premium multiplied by 2, and provides free coverage for children aged 1-22 years.
  • Premium includes skin cancer coverage extension.

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Send an application form and a copy of your ID card to a&[email protected]
Fax 0-2239-2049 ext. 1902 or 1903 or 2078 or 4132 or 4135

Warranty terms

Do not covered in the following cases

  1. AIDS, immunodeficiency disease, opportunistic micro-organism infection and malignant tumors, which are associated with immunodeficiency disease with a blood test showing positive blood as the source of the HIV virus.
  2. Cancer occurring before the insurance
  3. The first appearance or realization of symptoms of cancer within 90 days of the first effective policy date.
Insurance application form

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Contact for inquiries / other details or more information,

Personal Health and Accident Insurance Sales Department
Tel. 0-2239-2200 ext.4132, 2078, 1902, 1903, 4134, 4135, 1114, 1118, 2082

Compare Coverage

Cancer insurance policy premiums

Insurance Capital
Age range 200,000 400,000 800,000
Less than 40 1,697 3,395 6,789
40 - 44 2,449 4,898 9,797
45 - 49 3,201 6,403 12,806
50 - 54 3,954 7,906 15,814
55 - 60 4,619 9,238 18,478
61 - 64*** 5,753 11,508 23,016
*** Renew only
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