Takaful (Insurance base on Islamic religious law)

  • New type of insurance
    we design it for Muslims

  • We cover lot of type
    of insurance
    Fire, Motor, Marine, and
    miscellaneous insurance

  • We manage & operate 
    takaful fund
    from contributor &
    participant seriously

coverage / conditions / application for insurance


It a new dimension of insurance by the company that have serve society for long time, stability and flexibility that we always improve for provide the best service for you under fine management and well organized. 

Takaful or insurances that approve under islamic jurisprudence or Sharia guildlines. It the insurance special design for Muslim under concept based on mutual co-operation.

Shariah Committee

ASST. PROF. DR. Mroning Salaming   (Head of the Committee)
DR. Kumajdi Yamirudeng   (Deputy head of Committee)
Acting Sub Lt. DR. Abdulhafiz Hile   (Committee)
DR. Anas Amatayakul   (Committee)
MR. Paisan Porahomyong   (Committee)
Mr. Anusorn Ongaj   (Commitee and Secretary)

What different between Takaful and gerneral insurance policy?

Takaful is special insurance type base on mutual-coorporation and solidarity between participant. Participant will agree to donate inform of insurance premium to support other participant who need it in the case of property damage base on agreement coverage between insurance company and participant. In addition, company will use reinsurance reserve base on office of isurance commission or OIC to invest for profitability. Company also pays for Zakat base on Islamic rule and the profit from previous mention investment company will share back to the Takaful participant.

We manage by 2 system in 1 company

Dhipaya insurance company limited is the first insurance company and the only business that conduct business by 2 system in insurance market in Thailand first is general insurance and second is Takaful. Company also manage to seperate 2 systems clearly both in management and customer service.

Company has designed and developed insurance policy under the name "Tip Takaful" under allowance under Ministry of Commerce. The insurance policy will sperate as the list below.

1.Fire insurance

2.Motor insurance seperate into 2 type

  • Compulsory motor insurance
  • Voluntory motor insurance which divided into 3 sub type
    1. Motor insurance type 1
    2. Motor insurance type 2
    3. Motor insurance type 5

3.Marine insurance
4.Miscellaneous insurance such as personal accident, monetary, theft insurance, etc.

How to pay for insurance contribution

Company will open the account under Islamic law. Further more, participant is able to pay for more insurance contribution though the same bank account

How to pay for compensation
Company will use the money from previous mention bank account to compensate for any damage inflicted on participant property or participant itself base on insurance policy.

Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and condition will base on the insurance policy
  • Buyer should read and understand detail, coverage, and exclusion before buying insurance policy
Insurance application form

Application for

  1. TIP for Hajj >> Click <<
  2. International traveling insurance proposal >> Click <<
Contact for inquiries / other details or more information

For more information please contact

Dhipaya Takaful department
Tel. 02-239-2200 Ext. 1223 , 2163 , 2860

Compare Coverage

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International insurance standards

with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 systems

We stand stable with major shareholders from leading companies

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